when someone is super nice to youimage

when someone is only super nice to you cuz they need somethingimage

skyron replied to your post: “oh shit. things are pretty intense.”:
while all of this is happening, all i can think of is Gatz-san commenting all of it like: “WAAH DOFFY-SAMA JUST MADE THE ENTIRE DRESSROSA A GIANT COLOSSEUM! WHAT IF DOFFY WANTS ME TO BE KILLED??” But i’m also worried about someone dying for real now

imagine chaos everywhere but Gatz is still commentating.

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Smoker or Coby asked by zorosama 


feeling kin d a tired lately. , , 


After 2 years, Shonen Jump announces the return of HUNTER x HUNTER! HE IS BACK! Let’s celebrate this together (´;ω;`)

Hope the sketch is good enought for the hunter party!


that’s how i want current arc to end



go go go go go

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//I saw this thing going around my dash again and wanted to try it out with Sabo… so I did…


actual 12 year olds


Here’s to a man who will never die