anime is gross

WTF??? Recon Corps, get your 3D Maneuver Gear!!! Kill La Killers, get your Senketsus!!!! Bleaches get your Bankai!!! Dangan Ronpas, get your teddy bears!! Sword Art Online players, get your disposable female characters

doflamingo channeling eren


Here’s how Naruto should end: Last panel is Naruto standing proudly over Konohagakure. Slowly zoom out to reveal Luffy staring into a snowglobe with a miniature Konoha inside it. Usopp asks him what he’s doing. Luffy replies “Thinkin’ bout ninjas! Ninjas are cool!” and then chucks it off the ship


tfw ur sad and tired and bored and you havent drawn anything good in a while so you


inktober 2 ! i hurt my hand last week so i couldn’t keep up with inktober but i’m going to try to continue!!

the op theme was comfort and i was gonna draw something sad but wanted to draw everyone comforting luffy after the 2 years instead


Donquixote Brothers - 2015 Spring Summer collection xDD


Huge hats and cute kids are my weakness. Young Nami in her Battle outfit from One Piece: Film Z


"OP: Super Grand Battle! X" Combination cut scene- Luffy + Ace + Sa…Lucy.