• anime character: kuso!
  • fansubs: god fucking damn piss shit cock sucking son of a bitch bastard ass!!!!!!!!!
  • official translation: oh darn!


Show some respect, you little punk!

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But there are two story modes! There’s the Main Story mode and then there is the story in Coliseum Mode where you go against Doflamingo!

oooh that’s cool! i’ll buy it on august. ooor september. hahaha

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I do have some gripes between the portable and home versions. Horrible camera controls for 3DS since you need to use the touch screen. And PS3 you can’t see the map unless you press Start. But they haven’t taken much away from my enjoyment!

:\ i guess I’ll have to manage.

piratexinck answered your post: “hi guys is One Piece Unlimited World Red worth it?”:
I have been thoroughly enjoying the game on both 3DS and PS3. I’m getting the Vita version Monday to continue my PS3 version on the go.

Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely add it to my to-buy list.

hi guys

is One Piece Unlimited World Red worth it?

The Zodiacs … Twelve Hunters whose abilities the chairman had recognized. Each Zodiac is assigned a code name … And most members, out of adoration for the chairman, made moving efforts to embody their code names, such as changing their names or personas. However there are exceptions. (x)

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The pain man

For example, hirunaka no ryuusei. Shishio is cool but come one, MAMURA. #teammamura4lyf

#2: When the side pairings are more interesting but the mangaka only dedicates 1 chapter for their development.